The vision of GEORG is to be an:

International leader in geothermal energy research

The main objectives are summarized as follows: 

Reduce worldwide GHG emission worldwide by contributing to significant increase in sustainable energy production/utilization from geothermal sources

Make Iceland a case study for near energy independent and carbon neutral society

Create a platform for entrepreneurship and export of geothermal energy resources and education, both for partners in the group and in the ensuing creative environment established through its national and international operations

GEORG plans to attain these ambitious objectives by increasing substantially research, education and distribution of knowledge in the field of geothermal energy resources, their sustainable utilisation, and in addition create a innovative way for education organizations, research institutions, companies and other stakeholders to work together. 

GEORG research priorities

Research on the nature of geothermal systems is a geological subject, which requires fundamental knowledge of the nature of the host rock, reservoir fluid properties, chemical processes at different temperatures and pressures, and geological makeup of the geothermal areas and the upper crust when focusing on deep drilling options. In the context of obtaining better understanding of the
geothermal resources, the development of in-silico mathematical simulation models will play a key role in assessing possibilities and effects of utilization of the geothermal resources based on input data from measurements of a large number of variables. This should include factors / variables relating to e.g. sustainability, economics, socio-economics, energy harvesting, technologies, and limitations that may apply. Another research area would cover improvement of methods for measurements and in laboratory research on interactions of different environmental variables and theoretical situations. The following list gives an overview of the initial key priority research areas that the GEORG plans to focus on:

Further the understanding of geothermal systems, especially their deeper parts, by applying an array of existing and new exploration methods, laboratory experiments and numerical simulations, and in this way enhancing the economical harvesting of this resource in a sustainable manner, 

Improved design, and technical solutions for utilization of geothermal resources. This would include issues like e.g. drilling technology, borehole casings, equipment and pipelines on the surface, electricity production and/or hot water production, and geothermal liquid/steam wastes sustainable use or depositing, 

To enhance knowledge required for sustainable utilization and operation of energy harvesting from geothermal resources,  

Develop methods to minimize environmental impacts from harvesting geothermal energy,  

To establish understanding of current barriers to geothermal resources utilization, and to mitigate their removal, and promote globally sustainable use of the geothermal resources,  

To analyse in detail the social and economic impact that utilisation of geothermal energy has had on Icelandic society, 

Develop new innovative and multiple uses for the geothermal fluids.