GEORG-GEOthermal Research Group

Sigurður Magnús Garðarsson GEORG chairman of the Board,  Video from Innovation Center Iceland on Vimeo.

The world economy today relies on utilizing carbon based energy sources which are both a scarce resource and add to the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere that are predicted to lead to climate change. To reduce emissions of GHG and thereby affect predicted changes in climate, it is necessary to find alternatives to carbon based energy sources. It is likely that the solution to this challenge will be based on developing a portfolio of alternatives that can be applied either globally or locally.

By enhancing research and development of geothermal resources in a sustainable way, geothermal energy will constitute an important part of reducing the world dependence on carbon-based energy sources.  Hence, the foundation of an international GEOthermal Research Group (Georg) is vital.  It will be based on the principles of creating a critical mass of joint resources and efforts to break through existing scientific and technical barriers to innovation in the field, and soon be able to increase significantly the number of qualified experts in geothermal research, engineering, design and technical exploitation of the resource.