General Assemblies

General Assembly 2015 
May 20th, 2015, Orkugarður

Annual Report 2015
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Annual Report 2015 presented 
Sigurður Magnús Garðarsson
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General Assembly 2014 
May 20th, 2014, Orkugarður

Annual Report 2014
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Annual Report 2014 presented 
Sigurður Magnús Garðarsson
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General Assembly 2013 
May 16th, 2013, Orkugarður

Annual Report 2013
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Annual Report 2013 presented 
Sigurður Magnús Garðarsson
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General Assembly 2012 
May 29th, 2012, Reykjavik Energy Headquarters

Annual Report 2012
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Annual Report 2012 presented 
Sigurður Magnús Garðarsson
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General Assembly 2011 
May 24th, 2011, Reykjavik Energy Headquarters

Annual Report 2011 presented
Sigurður Magnús Garðarsson                                                  

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Annual Report 2011

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General Assembly 2010
May 21st, 2010  Reykjavik Energy Headquarters

Annual Report 2010 presented                                                    
Sigurður Magnús Garðarsson  

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 Annual Report 2010

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Open Conference - GA 2010
May 21st 2010, Reykjavik Energy Headquarters

Opening Address
Sigurður Magnús Garðarsson
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The International Partnership for Geothermal Technology
Ólafur G Flóvenz

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International Energy AgencyGeothermal Implementing Agreement
Jónas Ketilsson
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Mannvit Engineering - International Operation
Tryggvi Jónsson

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EIGMA - Project presentation
Magnús Þór Jónsson

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High pressure and temperature grouts - Project presentation
Gísli Guðmundsson

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Biological Utilization of Geothermal Gas. - Project presentation
Guðmundur Óli Hreggviðsson

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Resistivity survey of Grímsvötn - Project presentation
Arnar Már Vilhjálmsson
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General Assembly 2009 
Kick Off Conference
June 18th 2009, Reykjavik Energy Headquarters,

Conference GuestsOn June 18th a open conference on geothermal energy research was held in the Reykjavik Energy headquarters. The conference was held in a connection with the kick off meeting of GEORG. A number of respected experts and scientists addressed the conference following an opening address by the Icelandic minister of industry.

Please find below a link to the opening address of the Icelandic minister of industry as well as the presentations by the experts.

Katrín Júlíusdóttir
Minister of Industry

Opening Address

Sigurður M. Garðarsson
Chairman of the Board

Introduction Address

Ólafur G. Flóvenz

Geothermal Energy:
New Challenges and opportunities

Fabrice Boissier

European Geothermal Energy Council

Ernst Huenges

New Approaches for Enhanced
Geothermal Systems Research in Europe

Sveinn Agnarsson
University of Iceland

Impact of geothermal utilisation
on Icelandic society

Einar Gunnlaugsson
Reykjavik Energy

Enironmental aspects
of geothermal utilization

Geir Þórólfsson &
Jónas Matthíasson
HS-Orka & Verkis

Technical Challenges of
Goethermal Energy Utilisation