Startup Energy Reykjavik is now officially open for applications!!

    GEORG is a proud sponsor of the business accelerator program Startup Energy Reykjavik, together with Landsvirkjun, Arionbanki and Innovation Centre Iceland

    Startup Energy Reykjavík is an accelerator program with the focus on energy and energy related startups. It's a ten week long program that starts in the end of January 2015. Seven teams are chosen to participate in the program and they get $40.000 (5 million ISK) in equity, a shared office space and all the help they need to get on their feet.

    If you have an energy or energy related idea for a startup, this program might be the perfect fit for you. To apply please go to www.f6s.com/startupenergyreykjavik and log in or sign up to be able to access the application form. Application deadline is November 11th by 4pm GMT.

    Check out our brand new indtroduction video here

    23. Oct - 17:17

    In order to support and assist Icelandic companies and organizations in apply to the EU Horizon2020, Rannis, Enterprise Europe Network at Innovation Center Iceland, Iceland Geothermal and GEORG have teamed up and decided to try a new technique in introducing the program.  Two events will be held on this occasion, the first October 28th and the second one October 30th

    The events will be held in Orkugardur, Grensásvegi 9 and it will be in Icelandic.

    To learn more please click here 


    24. Oct - 14:38