• Open Conference on Deep Roots of Geothermal

    GEORG is organizing a two day Open Conference on Deep Roots of geothermal systems with emphasis on opportunities that lies in identifying, modelling and capturing the enormous amounts of energy that can be found in the roots of the geothermal systems.  The first day of the conference will be focused on the DRG project of GEORG and the second day will be devoted to introducing other international projects dealing with the same topic, like the Krafla Magma Drilling Project,  COTHERM project, IDDP and DEEPEGS as well as other new EU funded projects on Geothermal research and development. 

    Information about AGENDA  here

    REGISTRATION to the event by email to GEORG Office Team

    09. febrúar - 20:31
  • EU fund of 20M€ secured for deep drilling research and development

    The European Commission, through the Horizon 2020 framework programme, has granted the DEEPEGS project consortium a research fund of approximately 20 M€ for research and development on geothermal energy utilization on the Reykjanes peninsula and in the South East of France. The DEEPEGS project is a four year project led by HS Orka, Iceland, in cooperation with other partners from Iceland, France, Germany, Italy, and Norway.  About 45 % of the grant is allocated to various research in relation to the drilling and testing operation at the demonstration site in Reykjanes and 55% to various drilling and permeability improvement operations in South East France

    22. Dec - 16:02